Monitor Progress
  • Examine academic or behavior data on specific and measurable goals

  • Graph data for visual representation

  • Targeted intervention

  • Ongoing progress monitor

  • Revise goals as needed

  • Evaluate effectiveness of instruction

Review & Analyze
  • Report Cards

  • School and independent evaluations

  • Classroom assessments

  • Parent/Teacher/School Communication

  • Data sheets

  • Relevant documentation

  • Developmental history

  • IEP and 504 Plans

  • Observations

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  • IEP Process

  • Section 504 Plan

  • MTSS/RTI Intervention

  • McKay Scholarship

  • Behavior Plan

  • ADHD

  • Draft documents

  • Accommodations

  • Federal and State Education Laws

  • Educational settings

  • Inclusion

  • Testing protocols

  • Parent Rights

  • Best practices in the classroom


Consultant For Students With Specific Learning Disabilities, Dsylexia, Austism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, and other unique academic and/or behavior challenges.

As a professionally trained and experienced teacher, I have the tools and understanding to act as your family advocate, helping to assure your child receives the appropriate instruction and services they deserve.

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You are your child’s first advocate.  I want to hear your concerns, answer your questions and build a trusting relationship.  Tell me your child’s strengths, achievements, and what makes them happy.  Then, lets talk about the challenges they face in school. Together we will collaborate with school personnel and other relevant professionals to assure that your child receives the appropriate instruction and services to achieve the highest level of his/her potential.