Empowering Children with
Special Needs

We provide education advocate services to students in grades 6-12 in northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, and Washington D.C.

As your education advocate, I am dedicated to helping you obtain a free, appropriate educational placement for your child.                    -Kristen Heyniger

Your Education Advocate

Are you lost in the maze of special education laws?

Are school procedures leaving you feeling intimidated and exhausted?

If your child is experiencing obstacles that minimize his or her learning potential, it may be time to seek the help of an education advocate. 

With 35 years of special education advocacy program experience, I know how to navigate the school system, avoid the pain of feeling powerless at a school meeting, and how to best help your child.  

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"I could not have done this without you."

-Zoe, graduating student

Education Advocate Services

We provide education advocate services to students in grades 6-12 in northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, and Washington D.C.  We help you navigate the school system and enable your child to receive the educational placement that they are entitled to.  

Education (12)

Expert Record Review

I conduct an expert review of your child's record and obtain all the information needed for your case.  

Education (16)

Expert Report Writing

I will write an expert report for your child's case, an Individual Education Plan, a Behavior Intervention Plan, and other assessments. 

education advocate services virginia

Direct Representation

I meet with you, take on your case, and meet on your behalf with the school system

What Our Clients Say

"Kristen always went above and beyond when it came to her students. In all the meetings I attended, she took the time to listen to the concerns of the parents and the student. Kristen would make them feel welcome and, most importantly, listen to them.  That is rare."

High school Guidance Counselor

"At all times, I found Kristen to be meticulous and hardworking. She consistently impressed me with the way she advocated for students and their families. She expertly guided IEP teams through emotionally difficult IEP meetings with confidence and ease. She had an ability to clearly explain special education law and its procedures in a way that both the parents and students understood. She is not just an excellent advocate, but an outstanding leader."

School Social Worker

"When teachers had just about given up on my son, Mrs. Heyniger fought for him to stay in his inclusion classes, because she knew he had potential. She saw in him what few others took the time to see.  I believe God put Mrs. Heyniger in our lives for a reason. Today, my son is gainfully employed and happy."

Heather (a parent)

Masters Ed

Special Education and Transition

20 Years

High School special education program coordinator

34 Years

Career Special Educator

Special Education

Program Excellence Award Recipient


With 34 years of experience in the school system, I know how to help you. 

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”.
-Nelson Mandela

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