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What Parents Say About Me

Heather R.

"A Gift to Children with Special needs!

Where do I begin? Kristen came highly recommended by a Professor friend of mine and man, do I now know why! From the first phone call, I felt hopeless. I had no idea where to turn, the next steps to take or how to communicate to the school system the over all goals I believed would help my special needs son be as successful as I knew he had the potential to be.

Fast forward to now, Kristen has been by my sons and my side doing everything possible to help him succeed. We have toured schools, attended IEP meetings together and went through the OSMAP process. Kristen not only advocates for my son, but she is also my advocate.

She has been my shoulder to lean on and such an encouraging force down this road to my sons success. Next step is an MDR appeal, I know with Kristen by our side, we will be successful. I thank God every day that she was recommended to us and I made that call.

To all other parents, I say that you don't have to go through this alone. You are not helpless. Pick up the phone or drop Kristen an email, I assure you that you will be the next parent leaving a long 5 star review!."


"I highly recommend Kristen Heyniger. My child is twice exceptional and has always had difficulty with organization and concentration. I thought that he needed some type of support, but I didn’t know what he needed. I asked at his school about getting a 504, but I was told that he couldn’t qualify for a 504 because he was in the full IB program.

Finally, I decided to go ahead and make a referral to the local screening committee under section 504 and look for an Education Advocate and I found Kristen. As soon as we talked on the phone, I knew that she was going to be very helpful. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. She was unable to go with me to the local screening committee meeting, in June 2019, because she was going to be out of town, but she gave me a lot of information and guided me through the process, so I was prepared for the meeting.

We had a meeting, in July 2019, to create the 504 plan and Kristen attended that meeting with us. I had only a vague idea of what type of support that my child needed, but Kristen came to the meeting with a long list of suggested accommodations for my child. If she had not been there, I would have had very little idea of what type of accommodations to request and I would have had to leave it up to the school administrators and special education teachers at the meeting, who knew nothing about my child’s history.

I had communicated with Kristen through phone calls and emails and sent her information that she requested, so she had a very good understanding of my child’s history and needs. I felt very comfortable in the meeting because of having Kristen’s expertise and knowing that I had someone on my side. I also noticed that the administrators and teachers responded more positively to me, with Kristen there, than when I have been to these types of meetings alone.

Outside of the 504 meeting, Kristen has also advised me on creating emails when I have needed to communicate with school administrators. She has also helped me understand what schools are and are not required to do. I had another situation with my child’s school, in which I needed to write a letter and provide documentation. Kristen helped me organize the letter and told me how to word certain things and in some cases, told me which information to include. I feel that she was highly helpful in me receiving the desired outcome.

It’s great having Kristen as our Advocate, because I am able to ask her questions or have her come to meetings with me, if necessary. She helps me to know how to best communicate with school administrators. I feel highly supported, with Kristen as our Advocate, and I feel much more confident in dealing with school administrators. I know that I can always get advice from her about anything having to do with my child’s education. Kristen is a great support and I feel that her services are very affordable."


Monica B.

"Making sure that your child gets everything they need to ensure that they are successful in school can be so intimidating. Advocating for your own child is so important AND it is so difficult to do objectively.

Kristen was able to be that voice of reason when having meetings at the school. Because she has so much experience in special education, she knows what questions to ask, and more importantly, how to interpret the answers.

She walked me through the process and made sure that all of my questions were answered. Through it all, I felt supported... I knew that she had my son's back. Where I have passionate tunnel vision regarding my child, she can sit back and see, and translate, the bigger picture.

Thank you Kristen, for helping me breath, through it all.."

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