Our Rates

Direct Attendance

$150 per hour
  • School System Meetings
  • Home Visits
  • Pre-Meetings

Direct Representation

$150 per hour
  • Observation of Student in School
  • Student Interviews
  • Any other representation on behalf of the client


$75 per hour
  • Done in Preparation for a Meeting
  • Includes a Pre-Meeting Guide


$30 per hour
  • No Charge up to 15 minutes in Length
  • Free initial 30 minute consultation

When Payments Are Due:

1. Invoices will be sent to clients at the end of each month. Payment is due to Kristen Heyniger upon receipt of the monthly invoice. The latest date payment will be accepted by Kristen Heyniger without assigning late fees is the 15thof the following month the client receives the billing invoice.

2. Oustanding balances delinquent for more than 1 month from the invoice statement date will be subject to a late fee of $10.00 for the first month,with the late fee increasing by $5.00 each subsequent month payment has not been received.


Mailing Address:P.O. Box 11701, Burke, VA 22009

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